About Us

Maryland Mentors is dedicated to promoting higher education among Maryland’s high school population by providing the resources and guidance to help students navigate the process of applying to college. Students should start preparing for college applications as early as their freshman year of high school so that they are ready to take the PSAT their sophomore year and sit for the ACT and SAT exams as a junior. By focusing on academic performance, getting involved in extracurricular activities, and learning the fundamentals of standardized testing early in their high school career, students will be better prepared when they start applying to colleges during their junior and senior years.

Maryland Mentors is a group of former and current teachers, high school counselors, and college admissions staff that has joined forces to give students the help and support they need navigating the college application process, preparing for college, and moving away to school. From helpful resources covering the ACT/SAT to building the perfect resume to acing college applications to applying for financial aid, we are the one-stop shop for preparing for college. Best of all, these resources are free to students to make college more accessible to everyone.